Natural park Adamello Brenta

The lake of Molveno is encircled by the wide territory of the Natural Park Adamello Brenta, which is extremely articulated and diversified in its extension: forests of firs, beeches and larches, meadows with coloured and perfumed flowers, grasslands, pastures and torrents.
In the mountains, which give hospitality to the brown bear, you can see and listen to chamois, deers, roes, eagles, steinbocks, foxes, badgers, martens, grouses, marmots, and ptarmigans.

Visiting the Natural Park Adamello Brenta is interpreting a travel in search of the wonderful aspects of nature, of its own colours and of the sights that the humankind marked through the traditional activities linked to the mountain. It is an invite: let you guide, for some hours, for a day or a weekend, at the discover of forgotten contacts with the landscape, contacts that are made of images, sounds and sensorial perceptions.

We suggest you some activities proposed by the Natural Park Adamello Brenta

A walk with the bear... and the honey.
Trip of an half a day starting from the Home “Bear”park of Spormaggiore (there is the possibility to use the service of holiday mobility of Andalo in order to reach the place) Guided visit to the Home “Bear park: the lord of the woods “and a walking in order to reach the faunal Area where there are some specimens of Brown bear in half-freedom. Short “meeting” with the bees and honey tasting.

Crossing of the Park: from the pass of Gaiarda in Andalo
It is a demanding but wonderful crossing of the Dolomites of Brenta, of the duration of a day with an Alpine Guide, in order to admire the best landscape, environmental and excursion aspects of our mountains. Packet lunch and ski lift at the participants expense. Personal necessary equipment: rucksack, trekking-shoes, raincoat.

Water: life and tradition
It is an excursion of half long a day the banks of the Massò torrent with the workers of the Park in order to know the fluvial ecosystem and the ancient and modern uses of water and to discover the possible ways to respect this precious resource. The excursion also provides the visit to the ancient Venetian sawmill “taialacqua” and the itto-genetic centre.

Invite to the natural area Rio Bianco
It is a trip of half a day with the shuttle pullman of the park at the discover of a natural and very suggestive way that touches the falls of Rio Bianco and steps over the torrent’s gorge. Let visit to the” Home of Flora park”, dedicated to the environments of the park and to the vegetal species which characterize it.

Excursion to malga Andalo
It is a demanding excursion of whole day with the workers of the Park: after a long and steep ascent from Molveno to Malga Andalo, you will reach Malga Cesa where you can admire beautiful monumental trees. Packed lunch at the participants expense and return in Molveno.

Discovering the wood: Malga DAgnola
It is an excursion to do in the afternoon, and it is dedicated to the International year of forests, which, as ecosystems, play a fundamental role in the protection of biodiversity and in the mitigation of the effects of climate changes. You will walk til to Malga Dagnola at the discover of a mountain and forest habitat where a snack will be offered.

Reading the stars…
Tales and visions under the stars, in collaboration of the Civic Museum of Rovereto and the Tridentine Museum of Natural sciences. Into a wonderful and magic ambience, a group of expert astronomers will accompany the participants in the reading of sky. Heavy clothes are necessary. In case of bad weather, the activity will be indoor; it will organize an evening meeting about the same topic, and with the same program.

Dolomites of Brenta Trek: from Cavedago to Val di Tovel
It is a demanding excursion of the whole day accompanied by a worker of the park of Cavedago til to the refuge Capriolo in Val di Tovel, long a way of DBT country inaugurated last year, on 16 September. You can walk ambiences, which are mixed of meadows and of very panoramic woods in direction of Val di Non, through the forest streets, mule tracks, and ancient well-watered canals and through the well-watered tunnel of Terres. The tunnel has been built and lighted in order to be used also by the pedestrians in total safety: a wind coat is necessary because, also in summer, the internal temperature is of 10-12°C.

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When you have appreciated all the beauties of this place, it is time to move in order to discover the other marvels of Trentino… you will have a pleasant surprise: it will be not necessary to move far away, Molveno in fact is situated in the heart of Tren

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Molveno lake

Crystal waters with a crystal surface on which are reflected the steeples of Dolomites of Brenta, an extraordinary alternation of chromatic shades of blue and green colours which invite the look to mix up the water and its shores.

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The Dolomites

Die Schönheit und die geologische und landschaftliche Vielfalt haben die internationale Expertenkommission der UNESCO dazu bewogen die Dolomiten zum Weltnaturerbe zu erklären.

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