Flying over the Dolomites and the lake of Molveno... an amazing experience!

The flight with the parapending over the Dolomites of Brenta and over the crystal waters of Lake of Molveno is an amazing experience; the scenery which you will find makes this place one of the most suggestive in Italy for the free flight.

The flight in this zone is relatively easy for a neo-patented but it can be also fantastic for the lovers of the distance flight.

Thanks to Ora, a wind that constantly blows from Garda Lake, the conditions of the flight are almost always durable, and these conditions permit to sail over the lake and over the country or to reach over-2000 m quotes from where it is then easy to effect cross-country on the adjacent summits or long other valleys.

The take-offs are two, the first at 1080 m of altitude and the second at 1400 m. The last is reachable with the ski-lifts.

The official landing is near the lake, Pozze zone, but there are also wide meadows, a beach and a football field, they are all potential emergency landing place for people who are not able to reach the “Pozze” zone.

Luca Donini, the parapending world champion of the year 2001 and the European Champion of the year 2006, lives in Molveno and flies among the summits of Dolomites of Brenta, living spectacular emotions, which are difficult to explain.

The Club Vola Bass is a very important point of reference in Molveno; you can have here much technical and detailed information about the flight and make some two-seater flights with expert professionals.

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Du Lac Vital Mountain Hotel can be a real point of reference for all the bikers who will have the pleasure to have a break in our structure during the way, riding the itinerary of Dolomiti Brenta Bike.


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In Molveno our Guests can find the best way to come close to the nature, know it and respect it in every its aspects, revaluing those capacities of perception and of relation that habits and everyday life have appeased.

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