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Our cellar is rich in offers which include the wines of our territory and the labels from the whole national area, but with pride we love making the wines of our land known to our Guests. For this reason, we have carefully chosen the wines and the producers who, in our opinion, are able to express at their best the authenticity of trentine wines.

From the banks of Garda Lake to the terracings of valle di Cembra, the vine is the essential component of trentine landscape. Trentino is characterized by the influence of different climates and every condition cooperates with the nature and the activity of the cultivators in order to offer some optimal wines.

Nosiola and Vin Santo contain the Mediterranean climate of Garda Lake and utilize the wind of Garda, called Ora; in order to contend with the humidity. Marzemino of Vallagarina has volcanic origins. The precious element for Teroldego is water, which abounds in the lands of Piana Rotaliana, near the banks of Adige River and of the Noce Torrent. Muller Thurgau grows on the slopes of Val di Cembra, licking the porphyry red rocks. The care and the ability of trentine vine-dressers produce first-rate wines which obtain also the DOC: guaranteed Quality (Denomination of controlled origin –Appelation Contröllée) the autochthon vines of Trentino are: Nosiola, Marzemino and Teroldego. Muller Thurgau and Chardonnay are two not autochthon vines but they have adapted themselves to the territory and they have found in the particular terroir the possibility to express at best their own features.

Near the Hotel we often organize some wine tastings with the producers in order to discover with them the secrets of wine production from the vintage to the wine-making.

Now make you advice and start with us this travel in the world of the wine!

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