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Trentine Cuisine
For the lovers of cooking we have thought to suggest some typical recipes of our land, when you will be back home they could be the starting point for a dinner with friends recalling the holiday in Trentino!

“CANEDERLI -trentine dumplings”

500 gr of stale bread
½ l of milk, 10 gr of meal, 3 eggs
1 small onion, parsley, 1 lucanica
100 gr of smoked bacon, 150 gr of ham or mortadella, 1 l of meat broth, salt.
To complete: 40 gr of trentine grated cheese

You cut the stale bread into small pieces, putting it into a bowl; you soak it with the warm milk for an hour. You squeeze it well, you add the eggs, the parsley and the onion fine minced the pieces of skinning and lucanica, the cubes of bacon and ham and the salt. You mix with the hands adding five spoons of meal. Always with the hands you prepare the dumplings, making some big balls like tennis balls. At the end you flour the canederli and boil it into the broth.
Serve them with trentine grated cheese apart.


500 gr of a mixture of cooked and uncooked meats
1 lucanica, 70 gr of lard, 1 onion
70 gr of meal, 1 glass of dry white wine, 3 spoons of meat’s broth
1 spoon of tomato sauce, salt, pepper

The meat can indifferently be of beef, veal, pork, you can use cooked or uncooked meat, also the leftovers of boiled meat or roasts will be good. You brown the fine minced meat and the onion into a pan. After you have floured them, you join the pieces of meat and you put them in the pan with the big slices of lucanica. You let the meat roasts on a flow flame, you add the salt and the pepper and soak with the wine, then cook very slowly into a covered pan. Into another pan you toast 2 spoons of flour, you mix them in the broth, you add the tomato sauce, mix everything and put it into the pan where the meats are cooking. At the end of the cooking you serve it with boiled potatoes or polenta.


750 gr of meal, 250 gr of sugar, 2 eggs, ½ l of milk
500 gr of green figs, 400 gr of nut kernels, 150 gr of pine-kernels
150gr of raisins, 100 gr of candied citron, 1 orange, 2 small glasses of brandy
120 gr of butter, salt

Leave the raisins to soak into a pan with lukewarm water for some hours before the preparation of the cake. Beat for a long the butter into a bowl adding always mixing the sugar and the eggs one by one. You uniformly mix the ingredients before adding the flour, the milk and the salt. You continue mixing with a wooden spoon in the right way til the mixture will become perfectly homogeneous without lumps. At this obtained mixture mixture you add a part of the nut kernels, saving the best for the final decoration, the green figs in small pieces, the pine-kernels, the raisins, previously soaked and squeezed, the candied citron cut in pieces, the grated orange rind and, at the end, the brandy. You work everything with care til all the ingredients will be distributed in the mixture, then you lay it on the oven baking sheet previously buttered and floured or on greaseproof paper. You decorate the surface with the saved nut-kernels and cook at 180° for 40 mins.
Out of the oven you taste it cold, also after few days if it is good conserved into a transparent clingfilm.

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